We mainly specialize in assisting Korean Students aspiring to study abroad, early education for children, ESL, Yoga courses and business consulting related to India.

We help people enter those International schools, Universities/Bachelor/Master/ Doctor degrees and short/long term English Courses,
 IT training and Internship programs and various kinds of YOGA programs. Also, we have developed a variety of individual programs with major Institutes in India We are still making efforts to introduce Indian culture and incorporating India’s educational system to Korea in many different ways. Shyam Kumar, President of Indora, from Mumbai in India, used to work as an expert translator in Korea’s 3 major broadcasting stations.
With his special business strategy which he has experienced both in India and Korea, he has maintained a good and effective business relationship with Hyun-Dai MOBIS, POSCO Co. ever since working with them to set up operations for them overseas.

He also helped their employees who were relocated to India for their visa, residential services and other related requirements.. Stella Lim, Principal Director, has graduated from Sogang University with a Master’s in English Education and also completed Teaching Education Program at Reading University in England.
Stella used to work at SiSa- English kindergarten, PSA as a Senior Instructor at Kangnam. She also has experience as a Korean Language Instructor at Hankuk Unversity of Foreign Studies and her collective teaching experience exceeds 15 years. As a specialist of the English education industry, she has been consulting and leading the way in education in India.

INDORA-RECRUITING will become a leader to make English popular in Korea through introduction of great teachers, who passed out through the Indian Education System, which has so many distinct advantages.