‌India most teachers that come to Korea are people which have teacher’s certificate that have career that teach English at India's famous international school and private school. Therefore, I am gone ‌University graduate qualification Cert. simply to experience that teach long professor career and students and can teach more effectively than a person who career is not.



‌The India education system undergoes graduation examination when have the various education system like boardinghouse school and international school in India whole area because suffers Yeonggukgyoyuksiseutem's impact and is 10 class (First-year student in our country high school) and 12 class (Third-year student in high school) and students pass through strict selection process so that can become promotion. India teachers receive various educational programs soft water and coach students so that students may be promoted by good results according to this education system.



‌There is call center that satisfy United States, Britain customers in India whole area. Indians, who work in call center, do customer service to pronunciation of United States and Englishman in pronunciation cotton. It is a tendency that more call centers are bringing on the causeway because is fill in service segment in the inexpensive price. Because India teachers compare with native-speaking teacher as teachers show in call center, teachers can coach children at more inexpensive expense and excellent ability that do not fall behind qualitatively and pronunciation.



a buck passer of many native-speaking teachers is becoming problem. Children teach  and has disappeared before duration of contract and comes together to downtown area that phenomenon is occurring these hangup India teachers that can be hot think.



‌India teachers have culture of same Asia system and comprehension and chisel of our country culture have culture is a lot of  family-oriented . When manage children even if there is in relation of teacher and children this part becomes forte.