Our recruiting agency is based in Seoul, so once you've arrived in Korea, we are here to assist you in every way possible.

One of our staff or a representative of your school will be waiting at the airport for you when you arrive to take you directly to your school or accomodations. We will personally inspect the school, accommodations, and meet the staff to get the general feeling of the teaching environment.

        CEO's Message

Next, you'll be provided pictures and other relevant material related to the position. All of this will be done before you sign the contract.

Our agency consists of English speakers . We can offer you a complete understanding of the initial culture shock and emphatically relate to your feeling of living and working in a new environment where other Korean only based companies cannot.

We provide ongoing support throughout your stay in Korea. People in our office are more than willing to provide you interpretation and help in any situation that may arise throughout your stay.

A short teacher training course, teacher survival package, lesson plans, handouts, and lists of good teaching books can be provided upon request.

All our teachers have been interviewed prior to their arrival in Korea.

We will provide a written introduction concerning each possible teaching candidate for your perusal. A list of teachers will be provided, giving you the opportunity to select the most appropriate individual for your School.

We have native English speakers who have lived in Korea teaching English for over four years working for our company. We understand the Korean work environment, and Korean mindset through the eyes of a foreigner. This gives a great advantage when communicating with employers and employees, as we can thouroughly explain matters to both groups.

Our fee is competitive compared to other agencies, but to illustrate the confidence we have in our selection of teachers,
we guarantee our teachers for three months, which is longer than most of our competition.

We can offer a brief teachers course for teachers who are new to Korea, as well as provide them with lesson plans and a relevant list of books for teaching in Korea.

We strongly believe in keeping an ongoing relationship with our employers and employees. You can rely on us for any translation or mediation between employer and employee, as well as any other help we can provide throughout the contract.

We believe in the motto, "once a customer, always a customer"